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Design Biz Checklist

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"Thank you so much, Donna! The checklist is informative and helpful; thank you for sharing in such a clean, concise and organized package."

- Lisa H.



Do you keep asking yourself, “Can I take my love of interior design and start my own business with it?”  ...Or, perhaps you have already started your business and hasn't "taken off" yet. Maybe you have pondered a "side gig" and weren't sure how or where to begin.

Does all of this have you wondering...

"Where do I start?"
"Is this even possible for me?"
"How can I turbo charge my success?"

Here’s the thing… Starting and growing a design business – or any business – is not without its challenges.  But oh, the rewards of doing what you love and monetizing it as a side hustle, or a full-time business is truly thrilling.

I am so grateful to have discovered my passion and pursued it, and I want that same love to fill your days and your bank accounts.

That’s why I put together a checklist that will get your business off the ground and headed down the path of success.  It’s my 11-page Successful Design Biz Checklist and it contains everything I wish I knew when I first started – first steps, must haves, and so much more!

Plus, you'll get your hands on my very own personal assessment tool that will leave you completely clear on…

  • What may trip you up as you get started
  • Where you’ll need to dig in and what will come easily for you
  • Whether you’re ready to take this exciting leap into the design industry

…and so much more!  It’s really that good!

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